How to be a good singleton bridesmaid


Another year of engagement/wedding season is before us and being a bridesmaid seems to come with the singleton territory. If you have female friends, you’re probably going to have to be a bridesmaid at one time or another. Butt bows and bachelorette parties included.

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My advice to Christian young women


So, I wrote a looong list of advice for Christian young men in our day and age and it only seemed fair (or maybe just symmetrical in my slightly OCD mind) to have a version for the ladies. What can an unmarried, childless woman tell you about life as a Christian woman and being a good future spouse? As it happens, quite a bit: Continue reading

Fitting in

Recently, a friend from church (we’ll call her Sarah) was struggling to figure out what to talk to me about. We had exhausted my job and my parents and I could tell that Sarah was trying very hard not to wax poetic about her adorable brood of three the entire time. I would ask Sarah about her little one’s school or soccer team and she would gush with pleasure but then reel herself in as she felt obligated to ask me something in return. Continue reading