Flying (a poem)

radian cimetery 4


Soaring far above the Earth
my life is at its fullest worth
high above the trees
all thoughts, pain cease to be.
The exhiliaration, the rush
as I rise above the thrush!
Skyward is my direction.
It is my soul’s expectation.



Navel-gazing (a poem)


Such amusement
we petty mortals are, indeed!
Far too embraced in our lies and plays
to see beyond.
Weaving twisted threads,
a hangman’s noose
as our Salvation lies just ahead.
But we, petty mortals
cannot see beyond ourselves.


Enigma (a poem)

Immagine 019


 As though I had dreamed it
I found the shining door
and when I saw what you had done
I could only love you more.
For you alone knew my longing,
what I yearned for, sought
that enigma which you gave me:
freedom for my heart.


I had a brilliant post in mind…

I had a brilliant post in mind
Then poured myself a glass of wine
I typed and typed while draining the bottle
Suddenly the prose became quite mottled
But did I mind? Not a bit!
I could have sworn it was a hit
My wittiest yet, as a matter of fact
This post a thousand hits would attract!
Yes, the very next morning the error was clear
every word misspelled, lack of grammar sincere
There was no way I could publish this defect
and even worse had forgotten the subject!
So, the moral, dear readers, though belated:
I don’t recommend blogging while inebriated.