Advice for Christians when dating online


Through my own experience and that of my friends, I have A LOT of advice (mostly what not to do, I admit) when it comes to stepping out in faith in the online dating arena. Online dating can be a blessing a curse. Continue reading


5 reasons why more women aren’t responding to your online profile


Recently, a friend of mine delved into the world of online dating. It was kind of fun sharing stories from my dating past and helping her weed through the innumerable profiles. She is now dating a very nice guy thanks to absolutely no help from me.

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Why I abandoned online dating

cropped-30ishlogo14.jpgEvery time an eHarmony or ad comes on TV while I’m in mixed company, I can almost feel everyone’s eyes on me. To make sure I’m watching, of course. Someone might even ask if I’d tried that website yet.

If I have control of the remote, I like to change the channel because, well, I’m done with online dating. And I can tell you it was a huge relief to delete my online profile and just stop feeling like a crazy person. Continue reading