Christmas gifts for the singletons in your life



Hello, again! It’s been a while, I know. How have you been?

If you like to write, too, you know that feeling of a “dry spell.” No new ideas (or at least no good ones) and so sitting in front of those keys seems like a terrible idea. That was me for the last few months. Writing was something I dreaded.

Fortunately, that era seems to have passed (as they usually do) and I’m trying to get back in the saddle so to speak. The thought that got me back into the writing was some friends’ lament that they never know what to gift a singleton at Christmas because we usually buy what we want, anyway. This is sometimes true, I admit.

What are the perfect gifts for singletons?

I came up with two:

  1. Give us the gift of prayer. Life is hard. Life as a singleton is difficult in a different way. For those who desire a spouse, pray that they open their hearts to the possibility of love and for the heart of the future spouse. For those who are lonely, pray for comfort. For those who are struggling with a work/life balance (we can be workaholics!) pray for the discernment to know when to back away. Prayer can be one of the most incredible gifts you give us this season.
  2. Give us the gift of your time. If you have a family odds are that you are a busy person. As singletons we don’t always fit into the lives of our friends and families for that reason. Take us out for coffee or invite us to watch a “B” Christmas movie with your family. Quality time and showing us that we’re valuable enough for some of your (rare) spare time is also a beautiful gift.

And, Friends, is there something I can be praying for you about? Leave a message in the comment section or feel free to drop me an email: jenna_amsberg at hotmail dot com. You have my word that you will be prayed for!

Merry Christmas, all!


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