Dear You…

Dear You,

Hi there, fellow singleton! How are you?

You’re pretty special. Did you know that? You’re the son/daughter of the King. Created and loved. And you deserve someone equally special. Did you also know that?

(Maybe you didn’t know that considering whom you’ve been dating. Am I right?)

When you meet the “right” one for you, you won’t have to make any concessions on the big stuff like your faith, your family, or your dream to have children. Your values should just align. If they don’t, you’re not with the right person.

And you know what? When you’ve met the “right” person, everyone will be happy for you. There won’t be talks with your parents or your best friends about concerns they have about the person you’re dating. There won’t be major “red flags.” You’ll have the support of your family and friends as you make those steps toward marriage.

So, please, fellow singleton, know your value and know that only someone just as special as you are if going to be a good life mate. Don’t settle for anything else. You deserve no less.


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