5 things no one tells you about living alone

Living alone-from an introvert’s perspective-is one of the best choices I ever made. But it’s funny that there are some things about this topic that no one in my circle seems to talk about. I just thought I’d outline them here (for fun, of course!):

  1. You hear every, single noise at night. You know every creek, crack, and whistle. And they wake you up in the middle of the night. But do not despair, new solo-dwellers, you do become accustomed to these things!

2. It feels weird to order food delivery just for yourself. The delivery person comes to the door and you suddenly feel like pretending to talk to someone around the corner so you don’t look lame (or like you’re going to scarf down an entire pizza in one sitting). You do get over this during a snowstorm or while battling a cold when you need a pizza delivered because the cupboards are bare.

3. Remember your least favorite chores as a kid? Yeah, they’re all yours now! And there’s no other person to remind you to clean furnace filters, set the clocks ahead/back for daylight savings, or change smoke detector batteries. (Needless to say, I use the calendar alert app on my smartphone A LOT.)

4. It’s a challenge not to waste food. I’ve noticed that a lot of things tend to spoil before I can eat them all. Especially things like ketchup or heads of lettuce. In a house of multiple people, this wouldn’t be a problem. But for one person you have to get a little creative. (And now you know why I never have ketchup or creamy salad dressings in my fridge… I gave up.)

5. It’s not boring. When I first bought my home a friend asked: “What do you do here all day by yourself?” Well, a lot of things! There isn’t a dull moment living alone between home “stuff” (repairs, cleaning), reading, watching movies, exercising, organizing my DVD collection… you name it! It’s only dull when I want it to be and I call that nap time.

What do you think about living alone?


2 thoughts on “5 things no one tells you about living alone

  1. Living alone is the best way to appreciate your friends when you are around them. I just spent 14 years living alone in a remote/off grid cabin in the sub-arctic of Alaska and now hate my decision to move closer to my family. Yes it gives me more time with the grandchildren but it also comes with all the baggage of living in civilization… maybe its time to go back to the edge of nowhere?

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