10 of the worst places for HSPs

Until I read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron, I had no idea why a lot of the places my friends and family really enjoyed were absolutely miserable to me. I’d always go because I wanted to be included but I wouldn’t be as pumped up about the experience afterward. More like needing a nap!

A fellow HSP friend and I laughingly made up a list of the worst places for people like us… hope you get a good chuckle out of this as we did!

  1. Hibachi restaurants. Fire. Flying utensils and food. Sensory overload not to mention that the chefs always seem to latch on to our discomfort and make matters worse. (I’ve ended up with rice and shrimp in my lap a couples of times!)
  2. Heights. Yuck! It’s almost like you can feel the gravity as you clutch the railing (I hope there’s a railing!) for dear life.
  3. Amusement parks. The “happiest place on earth” is not so happy in my view. I definitely don’t get a rush out of roller coasters and teacups.
  4. Speed dating. I’ve never actually been speed dating (thankfully!) but it does not sound like fun. Meeting a lot of people in a short stretch of time doesn’t sound like fun.
  5. Sports arenas. The noise alone is particularly unpleasant. All the movement and crowds milling around are over-stimulation city.
  6. Subway stations. Too much going on including pushy people and the threat of pickpockets. Give me a cab any day of the week!
  7. Concerts. Unless we’re talking the philharmonic, these are pretty unbearable. Loud music and jostling crowds are not my idea of fun. Not to mention that sensation like cotton is stuck in your ears for hours afterward.
  8. Dance clubs. In college I would show up for about an hour with my friends and then leave early. Music that loud and the crowds are just not pleasant. (Including getting hit on by drunk guys.)
  9. Parades. Again with the crowds and the noise. It’s much more enjoyable to watch these babies on TV, in my view. Especially if that means I miss out on freezing cold temps.
  10. Casinos. More crowds and noise (and cigarette smoke). Sensory overkill! It’s much nicer to find a quiet restaurant to meet people at, instead. (And you’ll probably save a lot of money that way, too.)


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