Turning 30 isn’t that bad

On Friday night a coworker and I found ourselves in the elevator with a bunch of 23-year-olds from the office (literally five of them) and one of them announced: “I don’t ever want to be 30!” The other 30-something and I exchanged knowing looks and she said, “It’s really not that bad.” The 23-year-old finally conceded that turning 30 would be good as long as she had (and I quote) “a hot husband.”

But you know what? Even turning 30 as a singleton isn’t that bad. Yeah, it’s difficult to get over the expectations you and everyone else have placed on that particular benchmark. I’ll give you that one. But those seemed worse before 30 hit and not after in my case.

Once all the dreading is over, it was suddenly obviously that 30 felt exactly like 29 and 28. And the more I looked around me, it became apparent that most people aren’t even getting their lives together until their 30’s these days! It’s a very different world from that of our parents and even the generation before us.

All this dread over a year, a number is also just a distraction. God reminds us over and over in His Word: “do not fear” (Is 41:10) and “be anxious for nothing” (Phil 4:6). Why? Because these worries are just noise. They are ways for us to avoid trusting that God knows what will happen and that everything will be OK (Jer 29:11) as long as we continue to move forward and trust Him. Even if we aren’t married to “hot” husbands by age 30 we know our God has greater plans in mind.



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