The inevitable sermon on marriage


Sunday morning there it was: the marriage sermon of the year. The pastor tends to just use this particular theme pretty sparingly throughout the calendar year. Truth be told, I tend to avoid sitting in on such sermons whenever possible.

Matters haven’t always been this way. There was a time when I did see the value of listening to sermons on marriage. Like studying for the big exam, it seemed worthwhile to pay attention for future reference. (Not to mention that the whole marriage picture is important for understanding Jesus’ relationship with His church.)

But in recent years, the enthusiasm has waned in favor of mind-wandering. Sometimes even making lists of the things that need to be completed in the coming week on the church bulletin, instead. The value of listening to something I cannot fully understand/relate to is no longer in the forefront of my mind.

It’s more along the lines of sitting through a Calculus class wondering why in the world one needs to know this stuff in the real world. (Like the information from marriage sermons, I’ve yet to use my knowledge of Calculus for anything constructive.) The brain power would seem better off used for something that actually is a necessary part of my everyday life.

These thoughts only came up because tonight’s Bible study will be discussing the sermon. Not being able to contribute to the conversation is pretty much guaranteed at this point. Most other weeks the fact that I’m the lone singleton of the group isn’t an issue. But this week, I’m feeling the divide.

Dear Fellow Singletons: How do you react to sermons on marriage at your church?


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