That guy whose heart you unintentionally broke

My sister and I had an interesting conversation over the weekend. We were reminiscing about our high school and college years. And we both realized that there were young men in our pasts whose hearts were broken unintentionally.

You know that guy, right? He was probably the nicest person you knew. You two could talk about anything and probably hung out all the time thinking that he was just your best friend. And then it turns out that he has romantic feelings for you but it’s usually too late: You could be dating someone else or you’re both going away to colleges hours away from each other.

Somehow you feel like you should have recognized the signs earlier and given him a chance. Because you know he was kind, thoughtful, and one of the best things to happen to you at that time in your life.

Seriously, probably the best thing… that bad boy you were crushing on was merely a symptom of rampant immaturity.

Unfortunately, this instance in our lives tends to pop-up as a regret. We occasionally wonder if we should track him down to apologize. Which might be weird now that he’s married and completely inappropriate.

When doing some thinking on this subject I came to two conclusions:

One: If this guy had been the love of my life, we would have gotten together. The timing was wrong. Neither of us was mature enough at the time to take things further than friendship. He wasn’t even brave enough to admit his feelings until I was dating someone else!

God had other plans, you see, and that was just a nice vignette in my late teen/early 20’s years. And did I mention he’s happily married to a much better match than me?

Two: He does serve as some great “research” for positive personality traits. The kindness and generosity are awesome traits to look for in a future mate. Totally worth remembering rather than harboring regret over!

Do you have a guy (or a girl) whose heart you inadvertently broke?




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