The “emergency” phone call

Alright, I’ve done it. I let my family talk me into going on my first date in six (yes, six!) years. And it seemed like a safe bet that he went to my old church and had more than just a handful of friends in common. It seemed like a good way to possibly ease myself back into dating. Or it could turn out to be something really good.

But the evening was pretty much doomed from the start. For one thing, he kept texting to reschedule in ten-minute increments because he was running late. Then, it wasn’t very long into our conversation over coffee that his phone began to vibrate nonstop. “My family” he said sending a hasty text.

I tried to brush it off until I realized a tad belatedly that his “family” was giving him an out. How do I know? I had totally asked my college roommates to call me (in the days before texting) during a date just in case I needed to exit quickly. (That tactic didn’t even occur to me so many years later!)

And exit early he did with an “I’d better go” after the texting persisted.

As we walked to our cars he also said: “We should do this, again, soon.” and “I’ll call you.” This is code for “Buh-bye.” How do I know? I’ve totally said this in my past (22-ish when I was still cute and had incredibly high standards) to guys I had no intention of seeing, again.

When I got home deleted his number from my phone and just chalked up the “date” to experience and payback for being a terrible person in my college days. As expected, I haven’t heard from him.

Well, at least I let myself experience something new (or shake up the status quo). What’s next? Skydiving? Eh, probably not. But I broke my six-year record of no dating. That’s a pretty good accomplishment, right?

Have you ever used the “emergency” phone call excuse on a date?


3 thoughts on “The “emergency” phone call

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever used the text or call, but I have essentially lied in saying we should get together again. I tried to forget that so thanks for reminding me I’ve been terrible haha

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