3 thoughts on “The internal dialogue when there is no second date

  1. One thing I’ve learned, is that people want fireworks on a first date and wont settle for anything less. You can laugh all the way through the date, spend hours together, go to a few different places even – but unless you both end up making out passionately and mutually feel the chemistry there isn’t going to be a 2nd date. I’ve been on 5 of them in the past couple months – even asked a couple if they wanted to meet up again, just like my gut knew, shot down. Others I’ve asked to see again, they are for it, but I never contact them again. I dunno, when you’re on a GREAT date, you both know it – those are rare though.

    • Have to agree with you there. People want fireworks on the first date. I wonder how many fantastic people have been passed on because they were just nervous about the first date.

      • Hundreds of thousands – the way most people meet is after repetition. Online dating is one shot only! Never mind people that hang out multiple times together, or work together that end up in a relationship.

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