Happy Valentine’s Day!


To all my fellow singletons I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I love that V-Day is on a Sunday this year because it’s a great time to love on some family or a fellow singleton.

And if you want to catch me tomorrow, I’ll be at the store for 75% off the dark chocolate… yay!


Dating a shy girl

Unsurprisingly, I am watching Season 3 of Married at First Sight. It’s addicting, I’m afraid, and I definitely want to see the couples succeed!

This season I was particularly struck by the pair of Ashley and David. David is super-outgoing and wants to talk about everything (and-apparently-has a timeline for physical affection!) while Ashley is the more reticent and introverted partner. It’s a pair that probably could work really well if they both tweaked how they look at each other’s communication styles.

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