5 rules for ‘Married at First Sight’ couples

Guess who has been watching Season 3 of Married at First Sight? Yup! (And guess who sat across the table from a friend who told her that she should just sign up if there’s a Season 4?) 

As I watch the weddings and the honeymoons, I’m struck by two things: First, the expectations to instantly click and be in love at first sight on the part of the some people are still really high. Second, that the couples have guidance from the professionals but they still don’t tread quite as strategically as one might hope.

So, I thought I would offer my highly “unprofessional” opinion and give some ground rules on how to go about things (or not go about things) in the early days of meeting each other:

  1. Don’t tell your new spouse that you are not physically attracted to him or her. It’s so rude! (You know you wouldn’t want someone to tell you that!) Heck, you just met and your expectations for instant attraction are probably too high now, anyway. Hold off on “I’m not attracted” judgments until you know each other better.

2. Don’t jump into the physical relationship stuff right away. Do a lot of talking before you let hormones run the show.

3. Get in some “me time” in during your honeymoon. You just met, you’re spending every moment together, and it’s exhausting! You two are bound to need some quiet time away from each other before you get snippy.

4. Less alcohol. More chocolate. (Need I say more?)

5. Take the “D” word (divorce) off the table. Instead of going “well, if it doesn’t work out…”, don’t even give yourself that thought unless the person you’re paired with is absolutely awful. Be invested in the process and the other person’s happiness and odds are that you’ll be just fine. Maybe even happily married for a very long time.

What tips would you give the Married at First Sight couples?



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