A lesson from lame Christmas movies

I am embarrassingly fond of lame Christmas movies. Over the weekend I even discovered a new channel that played only lame Christmas movies for two afternoons in a row. All I needed was a cup of tea and that was a fantastic way to hide from the winter weather.

As the hours went by, I began to notice a theme in the Christmas movies I’ve seen so far:

  • Ridiculously overbearing mothers who want their daughters married ASAP to any guy who is breathing and owns a snazzy car. All of those said breathing, snazzy car owners are always wealthy and unpleasant. Often, the daughter feels the need to bring home a fake date (or kidnap one) when the unpleasant boyfriend bails.
  • Getting stuck in elevators with handsome men and feeling the strange desire to kiss them. Because, well, why not? They’re stuck in an elevator and there isn’t much else to do. (My mother said she’s going to pray that happens to me but I can’t imagine kissing a complete stranger even if there is the odd sprig of mistletoe in an elevator.)
  • Inexplicable time travel or transport as the result of or inside of snow globes. (Which is why I am now deathly afraid of snow globes! Only kidding… sort of.) This proves to show the main character what her life could be like for better or worse if she got her wish for perfection or makes for an odd mix of A Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • A LOT of going home for the holidays only to run into the boy next door and realize that he’s loved the main girl for ages. Usually, there’s a wealthy boyfriend to be dumped in the process. (Because it’s harder to dump a wealthy boyfriend, obviously, and so that makes choosing the boy next door-who is usually in a blue collar occupation-more meaningful.)

That last one really stuck with me. Partially because my “boy next door” got married earlier this year. And partially because I seem to know a lot of ladies who fit into two camps of thought:

  1. A woman who is still holding onto the “boy next door” with the hopes that they will eventually end up together. He’s not interested but she pines for him, anyway. It’s sort of her excuse to hold any truly interested guys at an arm’s length.
  2. A woman who refuses to see that the guy she’s “friendzoned” has been in love with her forever. And that her dating life would be nearly drama-free if she just gave him a chance. Maybe she thrives on the drama. Maybe she is holding out for some perfect guy that doesn’t exist.

So, my single pals, I pose a question to us: Is there a “boy/girl next door” that we need to let go of? Or maybe give a chance? It’s definitely worth a second thought, right? 🙂

Merry Christmas!





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