10 more things you probably didn’t know about me

1 I have been driving for more than half of my life and have never gotten a speeding ticket. (Knock on wood!)

2  I have seen just about every, dopey Christmas movie ever made.

3  I once changed doctors because mine was so attractive that it made me uncomfortable. He is nicknamed “Dr. McDreamy” (like Patrick Dempsey’s character in Grey’s Anatomy). I made the mistake of admitting this to my family and now get teased about it A LOT.

4  I have never spent Valentine’s Day with someone I was dating.

5  I never miss an episode of Dateline or Once Upon a Time. Even if that means watching them online later. (Often more than once!)

6  There was a time when I wanted to be a geologist.

7  The first record I ever owned was Billy Joel’s An Innocent Man. The first CD I ever owned was Amy Grant’s Heart in Motion.

8  I can usually tell when people are uncomfortable or lying to me by their body language.

9  I’ve written a novel (that has yet to find a publisher) and am working on a sequel. There’s no reason to believe that I’m particularly talented at writing fiction but I enjoy the exercise.

10 I once worked as a professional gift wrapper. My family still complains that I use too much tape.

OK, there’s my 10 things… how about you tell me one about you?


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