5 people you should never date

  1. The person you want to fix. (Because that always works out so well!) It’s one thing if you inspire this person to improve areas of his or her life but if you’re thinking “I can fix that about her,” you’re soooo wrong. People don’t change unless they want to. So, go into a relationship with someone you like, already. Someone whose flaws you can tolerate. Not someone you want to change.

2. The person who “needs” you. If you’re more like a parent or a minder to this person, you shouldn’t be dating. You need someone who is going to be your intellectual equal, not a child to guide.

3. The person who makes you feel crummy. If you come away from every interaction feeling like you just went 10 rounds in a boxing ring, you shouldn’t be together. People you date need to be on their best behavior and make you feel good about your them and yourself. When that doesn’t happen, run for the hills.

4. The person who is constantly trying to convince you to do things you aren’t comfortable with. If this person is asking you to go out of your comfort zone or your moral compass to be with them, it’s time to shut this down. The right person for you will respect your choices and morals. It’s as simple as that.

5. The person who talks about his/her ex all the time. This isn’t a major character flaw but this is a red flag about a person. He/she is obviously not over the ex and so he/she is definitely not ready to enter into a new relationship. This person might be ready later on but now isn’t the time to be dating.


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