10 times when I hate being single

  1. Waking up in an empty house on Christmas morning.

2. When my married friends are trying to be helpful with ideas to find my future husband and begin with “What if you…?”

3. Three words: Bridal. Bouquet. Toss.

4. When a guy who makes me uncomfortable wants my phone number and I can’t honestly say “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

5. When there are layoffs at work and I feel financially vulnerable.

6. Those times at about 10 p.m. when all I need is a warm hug and someone to tell me I’m not crazy, chubby, or a bad writer.

7. When I make an awesome dinner but end up eating it alone.

8. Dinners that included the dreaded 5th wheel situation (and I’m the 5th wheel).

9. Any Bible study specifically for women at church because women’s studies always seem to be geared toward women with families.

10. Vacation time when I either have to spend it alone or search for people to spend time with me.


4 thoughts on “10 times when I hate being single

  1. For reals on #9. Even in the current Bible study book that I have in my group, there’s been chapters that I just remain silent for, cuz they don’t apply to me and are for married women or women with children.

    • Yeah, it gets a little tough sometimes. I hear “this may not apply to you now…” a lot in Bible study. Churches probably need to start thinking about the growing singles population a little more.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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