10 times when I’m grateful to be single

  1. After a long, hard day when all I want to do is eat pancakes for dinner and go to bed early without talking to a single soul.

2. When a friend needs to come by the house and talk during a life crisis or relationship emergency and I can devote my undivided attention to her.

3. All those instances when there is only one square of dark chocolate or one brownie left and I’m in the midst of a major chocolate craving.

4. Every, single time I look at my closet full of shoes. (It’s unlikely a husband would understand that many shoes.)

5. When a friend’s husband is out of town and she doesn’t want to be alone.

6. Those days when my fellow singleton friends are struggling with the single life and I can relate to them as a current (and sometimes struggling) singleton.

7. When I need to work overtime and don’t have to worry about neglecting someone at home.

8. The rare occasions when I am really grumpy or really sad and want to be alone.

9. When a friend is going through a nasty divorce.

10. When I’m in “writer mode” spending hours in front of the computer in the evening with the very bad habit of tuning out everything (and everyone) around me.

When are you grateful that you’re still single?


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