Getting my baby “fix”

thinkingjenndollThe older I get, the more exhausting childcare sounds. Don’t get me wrong, I love my nieces and nephews and even my friends’ kids. They are all truly delightful. It’s just that work takes up so much of my life that fitting little ones (and especially biological little ones) into that mix 24/7 seems pretty impossible.

This is why I love any opportunity to get my baby “fix.” Holidays, birthdays, barbecues… usually someone brings their little ones and at some point during the festivities you’ll find me on the floor playing with the kids.

Playing with the nieces, nephews, and friends’ children is one of my favorite parts of these gatherings. Not having children of my own makes this a novelty and their sweet innocence is so refreshing. They don’t care about what I do for a living or if I’ve gained a couple of pounds. All they care about is that I can read them books and build a pretty decent house with Legos. (Even if the nephews only want to destroy said Lego house.) No other expectations or requirements.

The nice part of these gatherings is that I don’t have to play parent/disciplinarian which means they get to just play and be silly with an adult for awhile. And I get to be silly and forget I’m an adult for awhile until someone accidentally smacks someone else in the head or tries to put dominoes in the DVD player.

The other nice part is that I remember how exhausting it is to tend to children. Playing “chase,” alone seems to be the equivalent of a gym workout. Add in all the other activities these short attention spans want to do and I’m baffled how parents keep up! This reality keeps me from being too “baby crazy” and I go home and sleep very, very deeply. After these gatherings I’m OK with not having kids for now.

How do you get your baby “fix” if at all?


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