I’m over it

thinkingjennballoonIt’s a funny thing when you realize that you are finally over your ex. From the moment you breakup, it seems like it will never happen. All those raw emotions are so consuming that concentrating on anything else seems impossible.

Everywhere you go reminds you of something the pair of you had done together. You can’t eat at this restaurant anymore because it was her favorite. You can’t watch that show because the lead actor reminds you of him…

As it turns out the emotions involved slowly fade away until suddenly there are no emotions at all attached to that period in your life. You wake up one morning not thinking about it at all but the enormity of what has happened does not usually hit you until much later.

That’s pretty much what happened to me this week. Someone mentioned my most recent ex-boyfriend and that usual, “fight or flight” response punctuated by the tingling of tense muscles in my scalp was conspicuously absent. In fact, I felt nothing. Nothing at all. It was a very freeing moment.

And you know what? No matter how recently you went through a breakup, you’ll get to this point, too. Just keep going. You’ll get there!


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