5 things female singletons experience

girlcodeMy single friends (whom I call my “singleton support group”) and I talk a lot about our common experiences while navigating the single life. As it turns out we’ve pretty much all experienced the same amusing situations over the years.

Situation #1: You’re at a wedding when the bride is about to throw her bouquet and all the single women are called to the ballroom floor. Suddenly it seems like every head in the room snaps around to look at you and smile.

Situation# 2: The doctor, radiologist, and pharmacist (sometimes all in one day) ask you if you could be pregnant and when you say “no,” they say “are you sure?” You take no small amount of amusement in assuring them that you are “absolutely sure.”

Situation #3: You’re invited to an event and encouraged to invited your husband along. Upon admitting that you are not, in fact, married the person issuing the invitation continues to prod “boyfriend?”, “girlfriend?”, “friend with benefits?”. They seem to take it as a challenge because (in this person’s mind) you must have someone to bring to their event and this person is going to figure it out!

Situation #4: You finally cave in and let your friends set you up. Unfortunately, the guy whom they think is “perfect” for you could not possibly have less in common with you. The two of you spend the duration of your obligatory date sounding like Liz Lemon and Wesley.

Situation #5: Many married acquaintances make it perfectly clear that they don’t trust you around their husbands. If you happen to end up in a one-on-one conversation with a husband, the wife will always find a way to interrupt.


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