20 rules I live by


1) If I need to read the fat content on a food product’s packaging, I don’t need to eat it in the first place.

2) There is no such thing as too much chocolate.

3) Keep the crazy to yourself.

4) If it’s something you wouldn’t say to your grandmother, don’t put it on social media.

5) Always read the book before watching the movie based on it.

6) Walk softly and carry a big purse.

7) There’s no sense in arguing with un-sensible people.

8) If at first you don’t succeed, call AAA.

9) Buy a pair of shoes, donate a pair of shoes.

10) Be kind. (Even when I don’t want to.)

11) Write a little everyday. (Also, even when I don’t want to.)

12) Dance a little everyday.

13) There’s no such thing as too many photos of sunsets.

14) Know the difference when it comes to “there,” “their,” and “they’re” or “your” and “you’re.”

15) Never eat anything that resembles what it was when it was alive.

16) Avoid any film featuring sports stars, wrestlers, or Vin Diesel.

17) If it was tacky in the 90’s, it’s not fashionable now.

18) Never get too friendly with the boss.

19) Filter, then speak.

20) When all else fails, take a nap.


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