5 reasons why men have it so easy sometimes


That’s right. I said it! Men do seem to have an easier life sometimes and I’m about to plead my case:

1) Body and facial hair! If you’re a dude, it’s acceptable not to do anything with your hair (let it all go and look like a mountain man). Women? We’re pretty much expected to wax and thread every, single strand until all we’re left with are eyebrows and the stuff on top of our heads.

2) Pants sizes. Men’s pants and jeans are in actual, standard measurements. For us, though? We might wear and 8 from one store and a 12 in another. It’s a little nuts.

3) Upper body strength. Enough said.

4) Wrinkles and gray hair on a man = distinguished.

Wrinkles and gray hair on a woman = old.

5) Car salesmen and mechanics are less likely to try and treat you like you’re an idiot if you’re male. If you’re a woman, however, they talk down to you and then try to sell you things you don’t need.


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