Dumped for a dog


I probably don’t have to tell you that people are pretty attached to their pets. (You thought this post was going to be about an unattractive woman, didn’t you?) I also don’t have to tell you that singletons tend to be even more attached because pets can be really good companions in the absence of a spouse.

Unfortunately, there are some of us who are allergic to the four-legged friends and that poses a bit of a challenge. Especially because it seems like every guy I date now has a love affair with his hound. By the time I come into the picture, they’ve been through breakups, new jobs, and new homes together. Rover is a huge part of this guy’s life!

I just never quite know when to disclose my pet allergy. On the one hand, I’d like my date to be aware that Rover and I can’t spend a lot of time together unless I’m popping Benadryl like Skittles. But on the other hand, I can’t make it sound like I’m giving him an “it’s me or the dog” ultimatum in the first few dates. That wouldn’t be fair.

My first experience with a guy and his dog, I decided I could go the medication route before going to the guy’s house and just suck it up. Unfortunately, the dog was incredibly spoiled and made sure that he got between me and his master at all times. (I always seemed to have fur all over me!) What was worse is that the guy always seemed to find some excuse why we had to stop at his house which meant I was highly medicated (and sleepy!) for nearly all of the months that we were together. When I finally fessed up to the allergy, the guy told me he didn’t think I was girlfriend material and that was it.

The second time I went out with a dog guy, I came clean from the start. (Although you’d think I would have learned from the first experience.) I explained that while I love dogs (and I do!), I just can’t spend time with them indoors unless I’m always medicated. This dude considered that to be a major deal-breaker and promptly lost my phone number. (In his defense he did have three dogs.)

Now I just avoid the dog guys altogether. (A very narrow dating pool.) I don’t think my ego could handle being dumped for a dog for a third time.


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