Dear single male friends…


You know who you are.

We’ve known each other for years now. It’s been wonderful being your friend, too. You were the guys who would give me boyfriend advice in my early twenties and I’d do the same for you about girlfriends. I even went out with a couple of you but as it turns out we’re better friends than anything else.

But now I have a pretty big favor to ask:

Would you please hurry up and get married, already?

You see, the problem is that when either of us is single, again, we seem to want to get in touch. Again. And we go over the “what ifs” and “could have beens.” Then I start thinking that we might not be too bad together…

The fact of the matter is that we never dated (or broke up) for a very good reason. I’d hate for us to start dating simply because it was convenient. Then ruin a wonderful friendship if things didn’t work out.

So, if you want me to set you up with a nice girl, I will. But, please, please, please, get going, already!


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