A 30ish singleton’s advice to new parents

cropped-30ishlogo14.jpgIf my advice to newlyweds seemed odd, this post must certainly seem bizarre. But I stand by my premise that sometimes a person on the outside of a situation sees things the most clearly. I’ve also been an older sister, babysitter, and more recently an aunt for the majority of my life. That’s got to count for something right? 

1) Keep up the date night with your spouse. I know the first couple of months/years you probably won’t feel like it but leave the baby with a trusted relative (grandparents will be thrilled!) or babysitter and get out of the house. You guys definitely need to keep your marriage strong with all the new stress and utter exhaustion.

2) Try not to be weird when relatives want to hold your baby. Great Aunt Dolly isn’t going to drop your newborn or suddenly commandeer all the love and affection intended for you. I promise. The only time you might want to be a little protective is if Dolly is wearing half a bottle of Eau de Skunk or covered in cat fur. I don’t blame you in that case… I wouldn’t let her hug you, either!

3) Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sleep deprivation and all those YouTube videos from “hot mom” can make anyone feel pretty down. You’ll live and you’ll learn just like every other new parent before you. I promise.

4) Remember that this little person is in your care and not your control. I know you’re tired and probably a little (or a lot) loopy but just try to remember you’re making choices for a future adult, not a toy. That does not mean, of course, that you can’t go a little crazy with the adorable outfits on Zulily. (Even I can’t resist those!)

5) Ask your parents for advice. It doesn’t mean you have to actually do what they say but try to make grandma and grandpa feel needed. Due to sleep deprivation on your part, they are literally more excited about the baby than you are. Might as well let them feel included. Heck, they could even be helpful. They raised you OK, didn’t they? 🙂

6) If possible don’t make any important/major decisions until little one is sleeping through the night and so are you. Otherwise, it will be exhaustion speaking and he’s not always so rational. Trust me on this one.

7) Please, please, please don’t tell the drama story of your birth experience to your single, childless friends. We’ll never have any kids if you guys keep scaring us. Seriously.


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