Do these shoes make me look old?


One of the challenges I have faced as a 30-something is fashion. It’s pretty obvious what to wear in your teens and 20’s (just about anything you like) but in your 30’s you don’t necessarily want to wear a bejeweled shirt that says “Juicy” (at least I don’t) on the weekends.  Continue reading


A 30ish singleton’s advice to new parents

cropped-30ishlogo14.jpgIf my advice to newlyweds seemed odd, this post must certainly seem bizarre. But I stand by my premise that sometimes a person on the outside of a situation sees things the most clearly. I’ve also been an older sister, babysitter, and more recently an aunt for the majority of my life. That’s got to count for something right?  Continue reading

10 things you probably don’t know about me

  1. thinkingjennI don’t really like social media. I use it because it’s the best way to stay in touch with some people but I don’t enjoy it to the extent that most of my friends do. Just not a social butterfly but I do love to hear how you all are doing… and your kids are sooo cute!
  2. There are extra boxes of Ghirardelli brownie mix in my pantry at all times for chocolate emergencies (and impromptu guests) as they occur.
  3. I watch Bollywood films so often that I don’t always need to read the subtitles. (And, yes, there is currently a sari hanging in my closet.)
  4. I have a crush on this guy.
  5. The contents of my purse always include a book, packets of emergen-c and at least one Sharpie marker.
  6. I have seen every episode of 30 Rock.
  7. When I retire I want to open a school that teaches manners to young people. It would be like a finishing school but open to everyone.
  8. My favorite comfort food is mac’n’cheese with steamed broccoli.
  9. I like to cook/bake for friends and family but I hate washing dishes.
  10. Every year I re-read Bridget Jones’s DiaryPersuasion, and Jane Eyre because in some odd way, I can relate to Bridget, Anne and Jane all at the same time.

OK, that’s 10 things about me… Tell me something about you?