“You just know”… what is that supposed to mean?

file000590219975When a singleton talks to a married person about their choice of spouse inevitably the phrase “you just know” seems to come up without fail. “I just know what?” My single friend voiced aloud in such a recent conversation. And the married person she was talking to gave that vague shrug, “You just do.”

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I’m supposed to be a superwoman


It’s pretty funny because in most areas I’m a fairly capable, independent person. I don’t balk at a lot of things. Heck, I have refinished my own cabinets and stared down an angry felon in my office without (showing) fear. But last Friday (fittingly Friday the 13th) I met my match.

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Making people “fit”


Have you noticed that sometimes you (or me) or people around you get a little desperate sometimes when it comes to finding a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend? So what if he’s divorced three times and living with his ex-mother-in-law? Or you don’t care if she has mountains of credit card debt and addiction to prescription painkillers.

You’re willing to look past those “flaws” in order to be in a relationship. What if you never meet anyone else? Maybe you’ll even be the person to turn his or her life around! (Although that never actually happens anywhere else but romantic comedies and novels.)

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