Thoughts for the week #4

thinkingjenn-maskHappy New Year! “Anno nuovo, vita nuova!” as my Italian relatives say. Now it’s just time to see how long it takes me to figure out that I need to be writing 2015 on all my documents!

Here’s what I thought about this week:

1) Deepest sympathies with the folks who lost loved ones on AirAsia Flight QZ8501. It’s unimaginable what that feels like and all the media coverage likely does not help.

2) It begs to wonder if all this Sony hacking and threats from North Korea were positive publicity for The Interview. I guess Seth Rogan and James Franco shouldn’t feel badly, Egypt banned the Exodus Gods and Kings film, too.

3) Do you ever notice that some networks advertise new shows with so much hype that the actual premier is a bit of a letdown?

4) I think should ban my IP address from their site. Even while I was Christmas shopping, I was still looking for shoes for myself!

5) Have you ever noticed that when a woman is mad at you she’ll be extra nice to everyone else to show that you’re the problem and not her? In this case the woman is not particularly kind in the first place so I have considered making her mad on a regular basis so others reap the benefits. Is that wrong?


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