10 most-read posts of 2014

Well, 2014 was my first year writing this blog and I thought: “Hmmm… I wonder which posts got the most readership.” (Because that’s what nerds like me wonder about.) And then I thought “How about a post about the top-read posts?” That idea, admittedly, was not original because I read a couple of blogs who tend to do the same thing.

So, I decided to put my plan into action and look back on the 10 posts that everyone seemed to like in 2014:

10. “Un-dateable: Farmer Bob” (Yes, I dated him.)

9. “5 Things I’d prefer not to see on social media”

8. “Nice guys don’t finish last”

7. “Un-dateable: The Miner”

6. “Un-dateable: Mr. Monopoly”

5. “For the guys: How to appear less creepy” (My male friends teased me about this to no end but it’s all true. There just are a lot of men who-intentionally or otherwise-creep women out to no end.)

4. “10 things not to say to single friends” (10 is a good number, isn’t it?)

3. “Flying (A poem)”

2. “Married at First Sight” (The post that revealed my secret reality TV habit.)

1. “A ‘Married at First Sight’ education” (Overwhelmingly, this post received the most hits. Thank you to everyone who read and shared this one!)

Fellow writers/bloggers… if you want to share your “Top 10” for 2014 or similar list, I’d love to read them. Just leave a link in the comment section below and give yourself a little plug at the same time.


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