Thoughts for the week #3


Well, I didn’t get my “White Christmas” but my family sure had a lot of fun. We ate all day and then played board games. Very amusing! I hope all your Christmases (or whatever you celebrate) were equally as satisfying.

And here’s what I thought about this week:

1)  How in the world did my grandmother make a whole Christmas dinner by herself (for no less than 15 people) all those years? I can barely handle a ham and potatoes before I need to call in for reinforcements. She has earned even more of my respect.  (And, geez, I miss her apple pie!)

2) I love the idea of a Secret Santa gift exchange on Reddit… and not just because someone ended up with Bill Gates as her Secret Santa. (Although, that’s pretty cool, too.) I’m not a regular Reddit user but it does sound like a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll give it a try next year.

3) I wonder if we’ll all be experiencing either a huge sense of relief today or simply not know what to do with ourselves after all the plans for Christmas. Or not think about it at all and eat a bunch of leftover sugar cookies while binge watching Walking Dead on Netflix.

4) No, you will not see me at the mall today.

5) Sometimes I wish my office was like the TV show Survivor sans the physical challenges in swimsuits. That way we could vote the crummy employees off the island. It would probably boost productivity and make the inconsiderate team members have to step it up or lose their jobs. Win! (And, yes, no one would ever want me as their manager.)

6) Why is “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” such an enduring song for Christmas? It’s a little too morbid for my taste.

7) It’s a little awkward when my mother reads last week’s “thoughts” (# 2) and suggests I bring home a fake fiance to freak out my siblings. Sigh… Next year, Mum!

What did you think about this week?


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