As a singleton I don’t hate the holidays

file4911301670389 I don’t think that being single at the holidays has to be a bad thing. Yeah, all those dating websites and jewelry companies seem to want to make me think otherwise but I find the holidays to be one of the best times to be flying solo. 

For one thing I have more company than I could ever want during the holiday season. (And sometimes more than I want.) It’s my experience that I don’t get quite enough time alone during the month of December. There are parties, family dinners and cookie baking extravaganzas. Hardly a reason to feel lonely in my book.

Secondly, the holidays are a brilliant time of the year to stop thinking about myself. I’m making sweet treats and buying gifts for everyone else. It’s a brilliant way to distract myself from any sense of lonesomeness because there isn’t any time to worry about that.

Third, I don’t have to worry about my boyfriend/spouse/fiance embarrassing me at family functions. Growing up there was always someone’s SO who would win “most awkward” during dinner conversation. I have enough to worry about without being the brunt of family jokes for another year all because I picked a dud.

So, you see, the holidays don’t bother me. How about you?


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