Thoughts for the week #1


This week I had an idea to do a weekly post to sort of summarize some thoughts for the week or whatever else struck my fancy. Of course, I’ll have to see how this works in the long term but here are some thoughts I had this week:

1. Should people under the age of 35 really be writing memoirs?

2. According to business professionals, winter is a really good time to start looking for a job. Time to amp up that resume!

3. Prince William and Duchess Kate look likely perfectly lovely people but I really don’t need to know what they are up to every moment on their trip to NYC. It just sounds like an exhausting life. Note to 10-year-old self: you don’t really want to be a princess.

4. How many rejection letters can I handle before I resort to self-publishing? I think we’re getting close.

5. Well, at least I’m not the only one with an aversion to Vegemite. (Sorry, Aussies, I just don’t have the taste buds for the stuff.)

6. It’s a little odd to say but I have actually watched every episode of America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars this season and missed half of my beloved Once Upon a Time. I have some catching up to do!

7. This is the latest I’ve ever waited to do my Christmas shopping in years! Again, more catching up to do…


What did you think about this week?

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