Un-dateable: Lord D’Arsey


Lord D’Arsey is the guy who secretly hates women. He’s a straight guy who blames the opposite sex for all the problems in his life.

Lord D’Arsey’s mother was probably not nice and most likely he was bullied in school including being rejected by his crushes along the way. No matter that not all women are like his mother or 13-year-old crush. It’s sad and you feel sorry for him but once he becomes a jerk and projects all these issues on his girlfriend you realize he needs therapy more than he needs a relationship.

Lord D’Arsey is the guy who gets really angry when you breakup with him (and probably tells all his friends how terrible you are on Facebook) so it’s best to identify the issue and not go out with him. How can you figure this one out? He’ll make negative sweeping statements about females beginning with “all women…” and often accuse you of trying to sabotage him. Or accuse you of acting like his ex or his mother. Yeah, this guy has major issues.


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