Un-dateable: The Mean Girl


As as her name suggests, The Mean Girl is just plain mean. She bullies everyone around her because she’s unhappy and misery loves company.

At first The Mean Girl appears to just be a strong, assertive woman. She is driven and knows what she wants and exactly how she wants it. But when she loudly threatens to have the barista at Starbucks fired for forgetting her shot of espresso, you realize she’s got a problem. This girl is a major control freak.

As more time passes you’ll notice that no one at her office likes her and that everyone who works at the stores she frequents would be more than pleased if she followed through with those regular threats of “shopping somewhere else.” (Consequently, she never does.)

The Mean Girl has enemies all over town (possibly all over the world). She rather seems to like things that way. She brags about how she puts people in their place but The Mean Girl is much more sensitive than she lets on. She just never lets anyone through that hard exterior and that includes her boyfriend or spouse.


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