Un-dateable: Farmer Bob


You’ve heard the the saying “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” That is actually Farmer Bob’s personal credo.

Farmer Bob likes to make up excuses as to why a commitment isn’t his thing: He’s been hurt in the past; his last wife ran off with his tractor; he doesn’t believe in building a barn together… It can go on for days. While some of his excuses might be truly valid, the concerning  issue is that he never seeks to change. Farm Bob rather seems to like dwelling on past hurts almost as a security blanket.

This might be OK if he would find a woman who didn’t want a commitment, too, but Farmer Bob never seems to manage that one. And so most women wanting a commitment or marriage tend to stick around thinking Farmer Bob will see how great their relationship is and change his mind. Maybe he’ll see how important it is to them and want to make his girlfriend happy. He never does.

One can imagine that the constant hints and possibly nagging of his marriage-minded partner make him even less inclined to want to tie the knot. Yet he never is the one to break off the relationship. It’s always up to his girlfriend to finally get fed up and want to find someone who will marry her. Unfortunately, Farmer Bob may marry the very next person he meets leaving his ex to feel used.


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