5 things I’d prefer not to see on social media

_DSC6806-3Dear family, friends, acquaintances, and celebrities I secretly admire:

I know a lot of you are really lovely social butterflies but I was hoping you could rein in the social media usage just a tad. There are a few things that aren’t really appropriate for social media and I hope you can avoid them in the future:

1) Rants about the ex or soon-to-be ex. Dude, everyone from your grandmother to your employer can read this stuff! Even if you are the “injured party” in the equation, it’s probably better to just call a couple of friends in a small-scale rant. A global pity party on Facebook makes you look really angry and unpleasant. And you know what? Your ex doesn’t care. They get to look like they are taking the high road by not responding.

2) A selfie for every day of the week. Yeah, I might be a tad jealous because I’ve never taken that many good photos in my lifetime but most people will agree that a pic of yourself every day is serious overkill. Even your mom doesn’t want to see that many photos of you. Why not join a group photo or take a pic of someone/something else every once in a while to mix things up?

3) Pictures of your pet more than once a week. Your dog is cute. I get it. And your cat is amazing. Point taken. The thing is you’re posting more pics of the creatures than so people do their kids. At least the kids are growing, developing and doing interesting things. Your pet is, well, just a pet.

4) Desperate bids for approval all the time. Yes, your spouse/baby/dog is wonderful and just ran 50 miles/crawled for the first time/won best in show before making a gourmet, paleo meal for a dinner party. (OK, that’s one amazing baby/dog.) But if you’re posting this on your social media accounts every weekend, it gets a little old. And I start to suspect that you really aren’t as happy as you say. Let’s just put it this way: If I’m following you on Instagram, I’m already proud of you.

5) Messages that probably should be private. Complaining about your evil sister-in-law (yes, I’m the evil sister-in-law), lack of funds or your job should be private for a small group of trusted folks. Daily messages for your partner/spouse about how much you love them are definitely more meaningful in person or on the bathroom mirror. And engagement, death or divorce announcements should probably be held off on until at least the people who would be closely affected by it have been notified by a more personal form of communication. No one wants to find out about a death in the family via social media.

That’s my list… do you have a list of social media “pet peeves?”


3 thoughts on “5 things I’d prefer not to see on social media

  1. Selfies irk me. I can see how they can be what one does if there’s no one around who can take a pic of ’em for them. But when it’s a whole lotta selfies (especially those taken of them in their car) just about everyday – ack.
    I unfriend people who take selfies of them half-naked or almost-naked in front of a big mirror in their bathroom. What da heck?! Don’t wanna see those love handles! No thank you! Unfriend.
    When I used to be on Twitter, it irked me when one of the Christian celebrities whom I followed kept putting on his status that he’s just finished some Crossfit workout. Then again the next day. And again the next day. Unfollow.

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