Cat calling is the worst


Over the past week the above video has been circulating about all the cat calling a woman experienced while walking for 10 hours in New York City. It was pretty appalling but I’d say pretty typical at the same time. appropriate-cat-calling-763x1024

The thing that caught my attention is that a lot of the men in the video expected the woman to be grateful that they noticed her. They wanted her to acknowledge and even thank them for the unsolicited remarks. Almost like they were in control of the situation (yikes!) and she was expected to play along. Not cool!

The thing is that the guys who make the comments aren’t usually what I’d call “decent.” And they are definitely not the type of guy I’d want to date. That’s what makes this sort of “attention” very unflattering in my view. I don’t go home and think: “Yeah, I’ve still got it.” It’s more along the lines of “Are those seriously the only men who find me attractive?”

At the same time, I don’t think videos like these will serve much in the way of “feminist progress.” That’s because the guys who cat call don’t give a darn. They aren’t watching this video and they certainly don’t stop to think that a woman walking alone might find the attention to be on the menacing side. It wouldn’t remotely occur to them and I doubt that any feminist diatribe would crack those thick skulls.

So, while I appreciate knowing that I’m not the only one experiencing what they term “street harassment,” I think my fellow crusaders would find their time better spent elsewhere. There are innumerable women and girls around the world facing discrimination and that seems like a more worthy cause.

Readers, what do you think?


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