Un-dateable: Ms Beauty Queen


Like The Model, Ms Beauty Queen is very blessed in the looks department. But, unlike The Model, she lacks the self esteem.

Ms Beauty Queen is intimidated by other women so she never has any female friends. She usually says that other women dislike her because they are jealous that she’s so beautiful. The reality of it all is that she’s just a handful. Ms Beauty Queen tends to incite drama wherever she goes. Basically, anyone she perceived to be “better” than her at anything is a “witch” and she uses passive aggressive tactics to pick fights.

Ms Beauty Queen is also the jealous type which is the biggest reason why she’s not dateable material. She tends to be jealous of her boyfriend’s other relationships (even those with his male friends) and tries to isolate him from family and friends. Her excuse? Because they don’t like her. The unfortunate thing is that Ms Beauty Queen’s beaus often go along with whatever she says simply because she is so beautiful… until they notice they don’t have any friends left.


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