The girl code

cora and katie 561It drives me a little crazy sometimes at how mean girls can be to each other: Catty, rude, and just plain thoughtless. We’re on the same team, ladies!

Well, I’ve been brainstorming some ground rules for the women of the world. I figure if we can all be nicer to each other, we might get down to some real issues like women’s rights, the glass ceiling, and pay inequality.

1) Eat a bite of dessert when you’re out with friends. Don’t be that girl. We know you eat brownies at home.

2) Just because a girl is shy, it doesn’t mean she’s a witch. Get to know her first before you make that assessment.

3) The two-faced thing doesn’t work. Don’t pretend to be a girl’s friend and then gossip about her later. Either be a real friend or get out of her life.

4) Never say “I’m fat!” if at least one other person in the group weighs 10 pounds more than you do.

5) Don’t help a guy cheat on his wife/girlfriend/partner. Not cool. If he’s committed to someone else, hands off until he’s free. (If he can’t come to that conclusion by himself, you’ll have to be the one who does the right thing.) And don’t just blame the “other woman” when your man cheats. It takes two to tango.

6) Tell another girl when there’s food in her teeth, her hair is a little too windblown or she’s having a wardrobe malfunction. (Even if you don’t like her.)

7) Don’t post your party plans or girls’ night out photos online if you’re excluding one of your close friends from the guest list. This especially includes Facebook and Instigram. (Manners, ladies, manners!)

8) Being “real” doesn’t mean hurting someone’s feelings. Tact is the best way to go and you always offer a solution along with a criticism (i.e. “I don’t know if I like purple on you. What about that cute, black dress you have?”). But if all else fails: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

9) Don’t buy things you know your friend really likes for yourself unless you’re planning to buy two. If you’re in Macy’s and she falls in love with a pair of boots, buy them for her, buy them for you both or find different boots.

10) Never say anything negative about a friend’s boyfriend, husband or ex. It can mean the end of your friendship if she feels she needs to make a choice between her man and her best friend. Besides, if he’s not abusive, it’s none of your business that he’s a little weird or is a professional frat boy.


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