Un-dateable: The Younger Brother


You and The Younger Brother could have really good rapport for the most part but likely it’s because he acts more like your younger sibling than a boyfriend. However, he doesn’t tend to have the emotional maturity to be a compassionate and caring partner.

The Younger Brother tends to tease you relentlessly about personal issues or phobias that you opened up to him about and spread the word to his friends even if you asked him not to share. This is the guy whose idea of a good prank is to bring his arachnophobe girlfriend a tarantula for Valentine’s Day and plan a visit to the Empire State Building if she’s afraid of heights just to see her squirm. He doesn’t care about the fact that the girlfriend might actually need some Valium after all his antics. He thinks it’s funny and believes she should, too.

Another problem with Younger Bro is that he tends to be socially awkward and the type of guy you cringe about introducing to your friends or your parents. Younger Bro has a tendency to blurt out personal information to a group of strangers and parrot gossip back to the friend whose husband you think is annoying just to leave a trail of chaos in his wake. Yes, he also told Cousin Julie you think she’s a mean drunk and your best friend that you hate her new haircut. All of which he found very amusing with little regard for your embarrassment. The Younger Brother has no place in your inner circle.


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