Un-dateable: Mr. Wonderful


Mr. Wonderful is the dream husband on paper. He’s handsome, intelligent, successful and probably has a selfie on Facebook posted from the summit on Mt. Everest.

Mr. Wonderful also regularly volunteers at the soup kitchen, plays guitar in a local band and runs at least one marathon a year for charity. He has a good relationship with his parents but doesn’t let his mother run his life. The Mr. Wonderful types are also usually really personable and able to make everyone from his clients to his doorman feel like they matter. And just about every single woman he meets secretly hopes they could be the one to break his solo streak.

Why shouldn’t you date Mr. Wonderful? Well, not to worry because he probably won’t date you. The fact that Mr. Wonderful is always over age 30 and hasn’t had a serious girlfriend can often be a very telling sign. Mr. Wonderful takes great pains not to lead on any women but letting them know they are in the “friend zone.”

As it happens this guy is well-aware of what an amazing catch he is and as a result his standards for a partner are incredibly high. (Read: pretty much impossible.) Therefore, Mr. Wonderful is so afraid of ending up with the “wrong” person (read: someone unworthy of him) that he rarely gives anyone a fair a chance. It’s a fair assessment that he’ll probably be alone for a long time.


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