Un-Dateable: The Cool Girl


The Cool Girl gets her name from the book/movie Gone Girl. (A special shout-out to the friend who inspired this post by asking if “cool girls” were a real thing… they are.)

The Cool Girl works really hard at being every guy’s dream. She can talk football stats and the latest Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. She can drink a frat boy under the table and probably win a burping contest, too. Pretty much anything the guys are into, this girl wants to be a part of the fun.

What’s wrong with that? (Asked almost every guy ever.) Well, dating The Cool Girl is essentially like dating another dude. Imagine dating your buddy from college. Not a pretty picture, huh? Because she is just like “one of the guys,” The Cool Girl is experiencing a little bit of an identity crisis. She doesn’t really like a lot of that stuff, she just does it because she knows it’s a good way to get guys to like her. And she really wants guys to like her. It’s the most important thing as far as she’s concerned.


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