Woman marries… herself

This headline at the UK Huffington Post website caught my eye this morning: “Woman Marries Herself After Six Years of Being Single.” And, as the article notes, she’s not the first (nor likely the last) to feel the need to proclaim self-love to the world.

I’ve watched enough Lifetime Network movies (including the one cleverly titled I Me Wed) to know that sometimes single women like to do stuff like this to make a point. And sometimes look like they’ve lost their minds doing it.

But news like this also highlights a major problem in my mind: We’re all so obsessed with the concept of the wedding (and wanting to have one) that we don’t quite get that it’s just one day (or maybe three in some cultures) but not a life. While the wedding day is a big party (and a lot of attention if you like that sort of thing), it doesn’t magically change anything. Marriage (ideally to another person) is hard work and I don’t think that weddings should be taken so lightly.

These solo weddings just sound exactly like only every post-breakup rant I’ve ever heard: “I’m going to swear off men forever!” or “Why don’t people do arranged marriages, anymore?” sound suspiciously similar to “I’m just going to marry myself!” Yeah, the women marrying themselves are trying to make a big, meaningful statement but I don’t think a wedding is the way to do it. They could just have a big party or go on a solo tour around the world. There’s also the little issue of the fact that these women could potentially find other individuals with whom they want a real wedding. Do they therefore have to divorce themselves? Sounds like a lot of unnecessary paperwork to me.

And that’s my two cents.

Would you marry yourself?

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