Un-dateable: Dr. Love

johnny_automatic_scientistRomance is a science to this guy. He has read every article on “how to be a good boyfriend” and probably memorized them. He’s a flower-giver and a door holder as a result. The problem is that he doesn’t experience these things outside of books very often.

Dr. Love tends to idealize what a relationship is really all about and may run away at the slightest disagreement. He also sees women as a topic to be studied and not as human beings with unique interests and personalities.

Dr. Love tends to assume a lot of things based upon feminine stereotypes and is pretty much the guy who just wants to be married with two kids. He doesn’t particularly care who with. So, the reason he can be a problem is because he doesn’t make women feel special (because any woman will do in his book) and he doesn’t really understand the right personality type for him.


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