Why I hate that some women think nudity is the way to make a point

When I talk to people whose views differ from mine, my first impulse is never to try and shock them into looking at my opinion a little closer. In fact, I try to take their life experiences (whatever those may be) into account when discussing the topic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and I’m OK with that.

The shock value (and the self-promotion) of nudity-based protesting is, admittedly, successful. However, I’m pretty sure that all those displays ever really accomplish are to satisfy the curiosity of teenage boys.

That and perpetuate the horrendous and continued objectification of the female form by the inevitable online peeping toms. These people don’t see a human with a brain. They see a head attached to a rack. Staging a nude protest is in the same realm of one of those magazines or websites but for free… not a way to persuade more conservatively thinking people than oneself. The folks you are actually trying to reach are more likely to think you are out of your ever-loving mind than to consider your arguments.

The act of persuasion is all about changing hearts. You must first meet people where they are and logically address their preconceptions in terms they would understand.

It’s the same when I was talking to my niece about why she shouldn’t cross the street without holding my hand. I could go for the shock factor and say: “Because you’ll get hit by a truck and die!” That would scare the fruit snacks out of a 5-year-old and she probably would be afraid to cross the street at all. She might even be afraid of me. But when I say “Sometimes drivers can’t see kids” she’s more likely to accept it because it’s a factual statement without utilizing any gimmicks.

The same should go for the ladies who are protesting a church, trying to prevent cruelty to women or animals. Nudity just isn’t in the vocabulary of the folks you are trying to reach. If you attempted to speak their language (think of them as 5-year-olds if you have to), I’ll bet your impact would be much more powerful… with your clothes on, of course.


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