For the guys: How to appear less creepy

As a single female out in the world, I encounter a lot of creepy guys. I imagine that quite a few are not actually all that creepy but the way that they talk to people (particularly females) doesn’t help their case. The fact of the matter is that there is a heck of a lot more male on female crime out there and so it behooves us ladies to be cautious. However, there are things that decent guys can do to avoid looking like a creep and to help already over-stressed women.

First on my list: Stop calling to women from your car. If you need help or directions look for a fellow dude or someone in uniform. Don’t bother a female walking alone. From your perspective we probably look nice and helpful. From our perspective that just looks like a bad situation about to happen.

Second: Don’t stand so close in line. Spatial awareness will help you go far! Leave a foot between you and the gal in front of you in line. That way we won’t think you’re a pervert or trying to steal a purse. Actually, don’t stand so close in general unless you’re romantically involved with a woman.

Third: If it’s late and you and a female (or females) are the only ones on the sidewalk, cross to the opposite side of the street. Even if you’re walking in front of us, that can put us on edge. If you’re walking behind us, that’s worse. The kindest thing you can do is cross the street and go your merry way.

Fourth: Don’t compliment a woman’s appearance/attire unless you are 1) romantically involved with her, 2) related to her, 3) very close friends, or 4) asked. Be respectful and avoid personal subjects like appearance or clothing when talking to a stranger or someone you don’t know very well.

A final note to the good guys: keep an eye out for the real creeps. Sometimes your mere presence is enough to deter them from “accosting” a woman. Hopefully, it’s not too much trouble to pause a few moments on the sidewalk or make sure that woman crosses the street before you dash off.


5 thoughts on “For the guys: How to appear less creepy

  1. I agree with mostly everything but the crossing the sidewalk might be a bit much, if am walking that means am going to work/home and all I have in mind is getting home asap.the rest I can deal with no problem.

    • Thanks for your comment and good point! I was once in a situation where the gentleman has actually crossed the street and it turned out we were going to the same place. Appreciated the thoughtful gesture but felt a little bad afterward.

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