Un-dateable: The Man Child

littleangelThis guy wants a mother-just not his actual mother because she does require him to pick up his socks and throw out the trash. Basically, he sees the need for a female companion but only to take care of him.

The Man Child does not want to grow up. His favorite past times include hanging with his bros and some all-consuming hobby which might include sports, gaming or gambling. So, a girlfriend would be a distant third in priority after himself and his hobbies. He thinks that anything less would be surrendering his independence.

The Man Child has a lot in common with Mr. “I Think A Girlfriend Will Fix All My Problems” but can function a little better in dating situations and can even be a little charming and generous as a date. He will, however, accuse you of acting like his mother when things don’t go his way… or when you ask him to take out the trash. And you’ll feel like her, too.



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