Un-dateable: Ms Crazy Pants

crazypantsCall her “free spirited” or “feisty” but this gal is nuts! You probably met because she ran into your car with her motor scooter, puked on your shoes in a bar or she asked you to hold her guitar case on the subway while she changed clothes under her raincoat.

Ms Crazy Pants is unlike any girl you’ve ever dated and you find her exciting because she’ll try literally anything more than once. She even talks you into trying new (and sometimes dangerous) things. The issue here is that one of two things generally happens to end the relationship: 1) you end up in the ER thanks to one of her “new experiences” or 2) you realize you’re not the only one she’s dating… you’re one of five guys.

Some guys are so enthralled with Ms Crazy Pants that they consider her the marrying type but she is completely the opposite. All this girl wants to do is have fun and settling down is not in her near future.



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